Organizations need the ability to develop in line with business dynamics, and to achieve this they must enhance the capabilities of their people, not only to meet the current requirements of the business, but future needs as well.
Our training and development modules are designed based on research conducted by DDI at organizations across the globe. Our role is to ensure that training and development of human-capital capabilities meets the specific requirements of the organization in achieving its future business goals. Our approach to individual development and training modules emphasizes experiential learning via interactions that demonstrate the capability being developed, and we offer modules that are suited to each different level of
personnel in an organization.
We currently have 20 facilitators certified by DDI, whose extensive experience in leadership roles within various organizations gives them a strong understanding of the challenges faced by participants in the training modules. For organizations that have the capacity to conduct independent training and development, we offer a train-the-trainer program designed to produce internal facilitators within the organization, who can gain DDI certification and are able to conduct the full suite of DDI modules.