Yue-er Luo, D.B.A., Erik Duerring, William C. Byham, Ph.D., and the DDI China Team
Leadership Success in China: An Expatriate’s Guide is written for expatriate leaders who want to jump-start their China career and quickly get up and running in their new environment.
The complexities of managing a team steeped in a culture vastly different from the expatriate’s own should not be underestimated. Some tried-and-true Western business practices can be applied; others will fall flat in the face of China’s cultural differences.
Still other, unique practices heretofore unknown to the expatriate leader might be a better fit. Leadership Success in China: An Expatriate’s Guide details what techniques and practices will work for expatriates in China and how others, such as performance management and selection, will need to be augmented for the Chinese culture.
It also notes the traps and pitfalls for the expatriate to avoid. This book is a practical, must-have handbook for leaders charged with building a productive, trusting, empowered team in China that can achieve the business and strategic goals set forth by the head office.